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Through my artwork, I encourage contemplation of the relationships between shapes, colors, and materials while considering how memories and experiences form identity.


I layer thin transparent surfaces, one on top of another, allowing new forms and images to emerge. My process often involves scraping and wiping away layers of paint to expose the surface underneath, revealing paintings with their own memories. I combine these echoes of older paintings with stencils and painterly marks to create something entirely new.


While the artwork is static, the abstraction of a figurative object is meant to suggest the changeable nature of memory. The restful yet vibrant abstract works are a chance to wander freely into a landscape of one’s own mind, offering the viewer a chance to both remember and to let go.


Alison Judd is a Boston-based painter, printmaker, and curator. She received a BA in Painting and Art History from Brandeis University and an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art.


In 2019, she founded Gallery Tempo, showcasing local artists through pop-up gallery shows at available retail spaces in Greater Boston.

Alison is a board member of multiple regional arts advocacy groups and is the mother of three children.


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