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Analog Stories

To shape my memories of my growing children, I create Analog Stories: prints, and drawings on paper.

This work is a way to slow time as my three children move from childhood to adolescence. They eat, do handstands in front of the TV, and engage in conversation and contemplation. Time will pass, and these intimate, mundane moments could be forgotten. Each day, I take a snapshot, and instead of posting the photo to Instagram, I move to an analog medium. I draw a sketch based on the photo in a visual journal. Referencing the sketches, I move from specific to abstract, making drawings with sumi ink. Working from the drawings, I create abstracted images using muted colors and subtle tonal shifts. I include gestural marks to recall my playful children.

Like memories, the forms are reduced over time. Some elements disappear, and others repeat, until details become less important than shape, contour, and composition. I abstract the figures until only a hint of hair, a waistline, or an inverted pair of legs remain. I leave ample negative space in my art to explore how our minds fill in the blanks, and how forms emerge out of the void. 

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