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Analog Stories

During the pandemic, I have become interested in the way my family interacts in our home. Access to friends and loved ones is mainly through our devices, a portal to the outside world. Time at home is full of mundane moments, as each day blends into the next. I rely on my phone for capturing the moments I am sure to forget. I take photos of my child shoving food into her mouth or practicing handstands while watching TV. A glimpse into our intimate, interior world, that can be shared at the touch of a button. When I recall these memories am I remembering the moment or the photo of the moment? Each night, I sketch a simple doodle based on the photo. 

Using sumi ink, gouache, crayon, and collaged paper I draw from the doodles. I use color and form to create space. I am interested in using muted colors and subtle palette shifts, similar to how my memories become more subdued over time. I include aggressive marks using crayon that bring me back to my childhood and reference the playful nature of my children. By leaving the white of the paper, I explore how the mind fills in the blanks and how forms begin to emerge out of the void. 

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